Focus strategy

The company adopts a focused strategy, focuses on the field of automotive electronics, integrates resources, steadily expands the automotive multimedia business, and vigorously develops the business of automotive electronics energy saving and environmental protection and control system。

Development principle

It is committed to forecasting the market demand of the domestic automobile market for 3 to 5 years, combining with the strategic direction of products, developing a generation, producing a generation, and conceiving a generation。

Development path

Absorb and introduce international advanced technology, transform results through technical exchanges and cooperation, and create higher value and better experience for customers。

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Bolton electron

Bolton electron

Tianjin Boton Electronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise, but also a national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise。The company has been committed to the automotive electronics industry research and development, production and service。The field covers automotive multimedia, automotive energy saving and environmental protection, new energy vehicle control and automotive interior and exterior decoration。

Headquartered in Tianjin, the company has five subsidiaries including Liuzhou Bolton, Shengzhou Bolton, Chongqing Eckut Technology, Suzhou Bolton and Bolton Malaysia。Group size of more than 600 people, of which R & D personnel accounted for 35%。

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Profile of Bolton

Profile of Bolton

Profile of Bolton

Strong R & D capability and pragmatic spirit

The company has the ability to develop and design acoustic system solutions and related algorithms, especially has the advantage of software design ability。The company's products cover automotive loudspeakers, AVAS, power amplifier, AGS, ANC, sound, automotive controllers and interior and exterior decoration products, some products have reached the international advanced level and leading market share。

The company won the national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, national high-tech enterprise, manufacturing individual champion enterprise, science and technology leading cultivation enterprise, Top 100 innovation enterprise, enterprise technology center, industrial design center, key laboratory, postdoctoral workstation and other awards;The company's products have won the honor of "specialized and special new" products (technology) of Tianjin small and medium-sized enterprises, "killer" products of Tianjin, "key new products" of Tianjin, "famous brand products" of Tianjin。

It is through strong R & D capabilities and pragmatic spirit that the company has been able to develop rapidly。Up to now,The company has conducted in-depth cooperation with nearly 30 well-known automobile manufacturers at home and abroad,Among them are SAIC, Changan, GM Wuling, Geely, GAC, Dongfeng, Liuqi, BAIC, Great Wall, BYD, Xiaopeng, Zrun, United New Energy, Ideal, Lantu, Hechuang, Baidu, Urun, Shanghai Lo Ke, Beiqi Foton, Beamlight Automobile, Proton, FAW Pentium, Dongfeng Nissan, Renault, Ford, Auracom, Mazda, etc。

History has witnessed the footprints of our growth. In the development of Bolton, it is with the support of government leaders and friends from all walks of life that Bolton has achieved today。The wind is strong and the tide is surging.There is a long way to go and a long way to go。Hope to let the footprint of Bolton throughout the motherland every piece of hot land, let us join hands across, with the same heart, and friends from all walks of life together on a new starting point of the great journey!

600 +

Group size

30 +

Master degree or above

160 +

R&d personnel

7 %

R&d expenses account for more than

Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

Chairman's speech

We will continue to adhere to the core values of "people-oriented, honest and pragmatic, scientific innovation, sustainable", and continue to create greater value and perfect service for customers and society。

Since its establishment in 2000, Bolton Group has gone through 23 years, 23 years of extraordinary years, 23 years of spring and autumn fruits, we through a strong R & D ability and pragmatic spirit, actively explore a suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise road。We have always been based on the market, looking at the future, taking a focused strategy, committed to predicting the market demand of the domestic automobile market for three to five years, with an optimized industrial chain, advanced research and development concept, in the domestic market leader。

History has witnessed our growth footprints, in the development of Bolton, it is with the support of friends from all walks of life, it is with everyone's strategic alliance, win-win cooperation, to cast Bolton today's brilliant!On the way forward, thank you for your company!

The wind is strong and the tide is surging.There is a long way to go and a long way to go。Let Bolton's footprint spread across every piece of hot land of the motherland, let us join hands, with the same heart, win the future, share glory!

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Bolton culture

Bolton culture

Bolton culture

The wind is strong and the tide is surging.There is a long way to go and a long way to go。


Take technology as the core advantage, strive for industry pioneer



Continue to create a more perfect experience for users


Core values

People-oriented, honest and pragmatic, scientific and innovative, sustainable

Management policy

Market-oriented, R & D as the leader, production as the main body, quality as a guarantee

Corporate strategy

Concentrate superior resources, focus on the main business, give play to the core advantages of technology, take the market demand as the guidance, continue to create and innovate


Development course

Bolton 23 years

2000-2023 Witness a bright future

  • 2000年

    Company establishment

  • 2002年

    Company first throughISO9001/ISO14001Quality and environmental system certification

  • 2004年

    Awarded by the Ministry of Commerce "One Hundred National Demonstration Enterprises of Integrity Management"

  • 2005年

    Tianjin Boton Electronics branch was established, and the first automotive loudspeaker came out

  • 2006年

    Successful cooperation with SAIC-GM-Wuling Automobile, Changan Automobile, Dongfeng Automobile;Successfully passed TS16949 certification

  • 2008年

    The company's technology center was established;Officially defined in the automobile body electronic control, vehicle multimedia, new energy, interior and exterior decoration four areas, to provide customers with high perception, high-performance automotive electroacoustic, electronic energy saving, vehicle electronic control system and parts solutions;In the same year, it successfully cooperated with Changan Suzuki

  • 2009年

    Successfully cooperated with China's first joint venture independent brand Baojun Automobile

  • 2010年

    It was rated as a small and medium-sized science and technology enterprise in Tianjin

  • 2011年

    The company's three patented products were approved;Successful cooperation with BAIC

  • 2012年

    The company's self-developed pedestrian warning device, buzzer products came out;And successfully cooperated with Weichai Automobile and Sichuan Automobile

  • 2013年

    Successful cooperation with GM India

  • 2014年

    The company introduces industry 4.0, increase automation investment, marking the enterprise officially upgrade to intelligent manufacturing;In the same year, it successfully established cooperative relations with SAIC and Brilliance Automobile.Participated in the new product development of Liuqi, Wuling (SGMW) and other projects

  • 2015年

    Was rated as a national high-tech enterprise, technology center was identified as Tianjin enterprise technology center;In the same year, it successfully developed intelligent active air intake grille and grille controller products, and successfully established a cooperative relationship with GAC Group

  • 2016年

    Complete AC, TMS new generation product development;In the same year, Chongqing R&D Center was established;Sound enhancement module, power amplifier products officially put into production;And successfully cooperated with Geely, BAIC New Energy, Zhidou, Zotye Automobile

  • 2017年

    完成BMSVCUResearch and development of body electronic control products, and successfully cooperate with Dongfeng Renault, Great Wall, Zhengzhou Nissan, GAC Toyota, Geely;In the same year, Liuzhou subsidiary was established

  • 2018年

    Was rated as a special new small and medium-sized enterprise;Set up Tianjin key laboratory;In the same year, it successfully cooperated with BYD Automobile and Xiaopeng Automobile

  • 2019年

    Awarded as Tianjin science and technology leading cultivation enterprise;Set up post-doctoral workstation;Successful cooperation with Proton Motors

  • 2020年

    It has been continuously rated as a specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprise in Tianjin.Successfully cooperated with zero running cars and United New energy vehicles

  • 2021年

    Was rated as a national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise;Successfully cooperated with beam automobile FAW Pentium and Auracom

  • 2022年

    Won the individual champion enterprise, the top 100 enterprises of science and technology innovation;Success with ideal, Lantu, Hechuang, Baidu, Yourun, Shanghai Lo Ke, Beiqi Foton automobile cooperation

  • 2023年

    Bolton Shengzhou branch was established, Bolton Suzhou R & D center was established;Won the municipal industrial design center

Qualification honor

Qualification honor

Qualification honor

Scientific and technological Innovation 100

This year's top 100 science and technology innovation is in the scope of Tianjin's science and technology leaders and leading cultivation enterprises, according to enterprise research and development investmentA number of indicators such as scale and intensity, research and development results are weighted and sorted。The average ratio of R&D personnel in the top 100 companies is 26.1%, the average R&D intensity is 5.6%。

On December 30, 2022, the 11th Tianjin Private Enterprise "Healthy Growth Project" conference co-sponsored by Tianjin Federation of Industry and Commerce, Tianjin Development and Reform Commission and Tianjin Haihe Media Center was held。The "Healthy Growth Project" list and research report were released at the meeting。Bolton Electronics wonRanked 27th in the top 100 scientific and technological InnovationThe good results of the second place in Wuqing District。

Received by CCTV"Great power ingenuity"Show group invitation

Innovative brand power inherits the mission of The Times

Promote Chinese entrepreneurship   

Achieve great power brand cultivation originality concept

Invited by the Davos Forum and the Boao Conference

Won the "2021 Industry Leader"

Invited to the 3rd World Intelligence Congress

Bolton Electronics was invited to attend the conference as a representative of auto parts, made a wonderful report at the meeting, and accepted a TV interview after the meeting。

Invited by Tianjin TV Station "Wealth +" column group

Organizational structure

Organizational structure

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